Tape Gun Dispencer

Tape Gun Dispenser

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A parcel tape dispenser makes light work of packaging and carton sealing, resulting in a professional finish and potentially reducing wastage.

The pistol grip tape dispenser is the most well-known form of tape dispenser gun used in busy warehouses and dispatch departments. Low cost, yet high quality Kite’s range of tape dispensers will bring efficiency to your warehouse.

Be sure to choose the correct gun dispenser for the size of packaging tape you use; we sell tape dispensers that are compatible with either 48mm or 75mm packaging tape, or a universal one that fits any core.

Strong 48mm wide Standard tape dispenser is to be used with 48mm tape only. The light-weight easy to use tape dispenser increases the speed of sealing and boasts a sharp steel blade that easily cuts through tape.

In order to avoid injury, the blade is covered with a guard and the curved handle allows for a better grip, preventing the tape dispenser from slipping.